Supported Independent Living also known as SIL

This service provides support with everyday tasks such as getting ready for the day or cleaning the house and allows you to live independently at home with assistance from our caring and experienced staff. Some examples of the range activities in this support category are below.

Life Skills Training

Life skills training is exactly that. We teach our clients a range of general skills.

Life skills training includes:

  • Managing money
  • Meal planning and preparations.
  • Maintaining a home.
  • Communication and social skills.

Assistance with Daily Life

If you are sharing a home with other people, we can still help you with everyday tasks, supporting you to develop the skills you need to live as independently as possible. Having a clean, well maintained home is essential for your health and wellbeing. If you have trouble with household tasks, we can support you with:

  • Cleaning
  • Clothes washing
  • Dishwashing
  • Ironing
  • Spring cleaning
  • House maintenance
  • Shopping for food
  • Meal planning and preparation

Daily Personal Activities

These everyday activities are provided in the comfort of your home. We will assist you to learn the skills needed to be as independent as possible. Personal activities may include:

  • Showering or bathing
  • Dressing
  • Grooming
  • Personal hygiene
  • Going to the toilet
  • Getting in and out of bed
  • Help with eating
  • Moving around the house

I live with another girl and my support workers. I enjoy living here and have a great relationship with my support workers. I need help to look after myself at home, with cooking and shopping for food. I help out with chores around the house and sometimes vacuum and take out the bins. The support workers help me prepare meals, clean and do the laundry and gardening. I like looking after animals and would like to volunteer at an animal care centre. I would also like a job and to earn my own money.


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