Perhaps there can be no better way for you to gain an understanding of what Focus ACT does and the services we provide, than by seeing the real effects on the lives of people living with intellectual disability.

Here we share with you our good news stories. The things that make it all well and truly worthwhile.

I live in a house in Ngunnawal with a housemate. Focus helps me with my daily needs. I have a few activities I do regularly and I like to try new things. I enjoy watching movies and playing computer games. I attend activities with community organisations during the week and catch up with my friends. I also like to go shopping and eating yummy food, going to the movies, colouring in and watering my plants. I sell the Big Issue at the local shopping centre.

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I live with another girl and my support workers. I enjoy living here and have a great relationship with my support workers. I need help to look after myself at home, with cooking and shopping for food. I help out with chores around the house and sometimes vacuum and take out the bins. The support workers help me prepare meals, clean and do the laundry and gardening. I like looking after animals and would like to volunteer at an animal care centre. I would also like a job and to earn my own money.


I live in a home in Stirling with another man; Focus looks after both of us. I have a busy week with golf, gym, music lessons and dancing. I used to work as a gardener but now I am retired. On the weekends I like to spend time with my family. I like to go to the club with my brother and his wife for dinner. I go on holidays twice a year with an assisted travel group.

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I live in a house where support workers provide me 24 hour support. I have trouble communicating and need assistance when I go out. The support workers prompt me to take my medication and assist me with showering and dressing. My brother helps me with my doctor’s appointments and finances. I work fulltime and go to a recreational program every Wednesday afternoon. I like to be active and busy and go to the club on Saturday and usually go out on Sunday as well.