Three-weeks of temporary work with the Australian Association of Mental Retardation, the predecessor to National Council on Intellectual Disability (NCID), was my introduction to the world of people with disability and their families. I soon realised that most people with intellectual disability lived in a discriminatory environment and had insufficient support to let them lead ordinary lives. I wanted to stay involved. After NCID I worked for other peak bodies, disability support organisations, and served on the boards of yet others. I was part of a team of consultants that conducted disability-related projects for governments. After more than 30 years in the disability sector, and with the advent of the National Disability Insurance Scheme, it’s important to me to keep contributing. My role as a board member of Focus ACT helps me to do that.

Margaret has been an active Director since 2006, sharing her experience as a policy advisor and disability program specialist. She has a wealth of experience in disability, has worked for peak organisations and served on national boards of management. Margaret is currently ‘keeping track’ of NDIS developments through communicating its progress to Focus Directors, staff, people with disability and their families.

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