Behaviour Support

Focus ACT offers Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) services for people to live their lives.

Focus’s Positive Behaviour Support services utilizes a person-centered approach to develop individual plans.

Focus ACT has a commitment to provide supports that show respect for diversity, promote inclusion, increase choice, and control and promote equality of opportunity. We work with people of all ages.

Focus is open to various deliveries of services including video conference to suit clients needs and schedules,

Our services are mobile, meaning we save you the hassle of a trip and come directly to your home, workplace, or other location of your choosing. We are also equipped to provide video or telephone assessments.

Behaviour support services entail an individualised assessment of person-centred strategies that will help a person to live with dignity and support and improve their quality of life. All new clients will receive an initial assessment where we will discus the client’s specific goals in terms of behaviour support.

Our practitioners deal with complex situations in which restrictive practice may be required, and are experienced to take cases to the ACT Senior Practitioner panel.

Following the initial assessment, Focus ACT’s Behaviour Support Practitioner will work closely with the person and their family, workplace, school, and/or support provider to support the person in achieving their goals.

We are happy to speak with you about your circumstances to determine whether we are the right fit for you.

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To enquire about our services, or to make a referral, please download and complete the below Behaviour Support Practitioner Referral Form. Once completed, please email to


Behaviour Support Practitioner Referral Form