Focus appoints a new Chief Executive

By July 8, 2015News, Staff

Wilhelm Harnisch, Focus Chair, announces new Chief Executive.

Notice of CE appointment

Torrien Lau
Chief Executive

I am a locally born and bred Canberran who spent the last 28 years in the business sectors of hospitality, retail and manufacturing. Having spent time as a general manger, lecturer and business consultant I have a strong interest in the welfare of people and their personal development. After achieving all my goals in these areas I felt strongly that I should change my work purpose to something that had a deeper meaning and was drawn to the not-for-profit sector. It has been fortuitous for me and I am grateful that Focus ACT has given me an opportunity to work in the disability sector at time of great social change. I have been able to satisfy my personal goals while at the same time use my acquired business skills in implementing change that is necessary due to the introduction of the National Disability Insurance Scheme [NDIS].

Torrien was appointed as Focus’ Operations and Program Manager in 2013 to lead Focus through change to deliver services under the National Disability Insurance Scheme. He brings a wealth of business experience and sound strategic leadership capability to manage people and services. Torrien has qualifications in Business, Training and is currently completing a Graduate Diploma of Management.

Torrien was appointed Chief Executive in July 2015.

Torrien has had a number of managerial roles in the business sector. Given his role as Operations and Program Manager, he was able to move seamlessly into the role of Chief Executive. On top of his operational experience, he possesses extensive and proven abilities in managing complex change, particularly across the new NDIS landscape. Through this experience he has built a broad array of relationships with key shareholders and other major business influencers that will be essential for Focus’ future success.

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