Focus removes barriers with new website

By December 17, 2014News

3 December was proclaimed by the United Nations to be the International Day of Disabled Persons; countries all around the world celebrate the day. I-Day is celebrated on or as close to this date every year.

Each year the United Nations announces a theme to provide a frame for considering how people with disability are excluded from society. The themes promote the removal of all types of barriers; including those relating to the physical environment, information and communications technology (ICT), or attitudinal barriers.

In 2014, the theme is Sustainable development: the promise of technology which focuses on the role of technology as a way to break down barriers for people with disability. Central to the I-Day theme is the practical and concrete action to include disability in all aspects of development.


       Focus Ambassador, Mary Porter chats with client and family

Focus has been busy this year breaking down technology barriers by constructing a new website which has been explicitly designed so that people with audio and visual disability are able to access information. Alongside this initiative, easy read versions of important information are being continually written and added to the site.

Importantly, the new Focus website is compliant with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 which supports web accessibility to allow more accessible and usable web environments, including:

  • Use of plain and simple language.
  • Use of Listen Function/Read Speaker
  • Changing the size of text and high contrast design
  • Use of a site map
  • Uses of descriptive links and images
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