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Housing Services

Our aim to is to help people find a secure and long-term home where they can live independently and have their individual needs and aspirations met. We offer housing in several locations across Canberra and take pride in the high standard of service we provide to all of our clients; their well-being is our highest priority.

As a Community Housing Provider in Canberra, we help tenants keep their homes safe. We work with them to maintain their tenancy, with rental payments made on time, housing and gardening maintenance looked after.

We understand that having a stable and secure home is crucial for people to lead fulfilling lives. That’s why we provide affordable housing options and long term care. With our team of dedicated professionals, our support services will help those who are experiencing homelessness. 

In addition to providing safe and comfortable homes, individuals and families can thrive within their community. 

If you’re looking for long-term accommodation where your individual needs will be met while maintaining independence, then look no further than our housing services.

Focus’ Vacancy Management Panel

Focus ACT’s Vacancy Management Panel is a team of experts who work together to identify the best placement for each new client and household.
A client or referrer completes the New Client Form which is passed on to the Vacancy Management Panel. The application form is then assessed.

Assessment is based on two factors: whether Focus’ Services have the skills and capacity to be able to support the new client and matching potential housemates in areas such as personality, disability, routines, etc.

When the form is being assessed, it can either fall into one of three categories: No, Maybe and Yes.

No: if the client is unsuited to Focus’ Services, then a letter will be sent advising of the decline

Maybe: the client/referrer would be contacted for more information to determine suitability

Yes: it the Panel deems the applicant suitable to be supported by Focus’ Services, the Vacancy Management Panel will then find a suitable vacancy and offer it to the client

Relevant steps are then taken to ensure that the applicant deems the property and services suitable, such as viewing the property, meeting the Client Services Manager and/or meeting potential housemates.

Upon identifying and agreeing on a suitable property, the support team will coordinate an Individual Support Plan, staffing and will present the service agreement which is signed by the client/guardian. Before moving in, the Housing Team will also present the occupancy agreement to be signed and will get the residence ready.

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