National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)

The NDIS is Australia’s new way of funding support services for people living with disability. Each eligible participant receives an individualised support plan, allowing freedom and flexibility to choose the support providers that they want. The pillars of the NDIS include providing people with disability with quality services that support them to participate in social and economic opportunities, build skills, achieve their personal goals. These pillars are aligned with Focus ACT’s own purpose and values.

Focus ACT offers disability support from the following specialist support categories:

Support Purpose Support Category Support Item
CORE Supported independent living ·        Low needs

·        Standard needs
·        Higher needs

Assistance in a shared living arrangement ·        Assistance in individual living arrangement for person with complex needs
Assistance with self-care activities ·        Day

·        Overnight

Assistance to access community, social and recreational activities ·        Standard needs

·        High intensity needs

Transport ·        Transport

·        Specialised transport to school/educational facility/employment/community

CAPACITY BUILDING Coordination of supports ·        Support connection

·        Coordination of supports

Improved living arrangements ·        Assistance with accommodation and tenancy obligations
Increased social and community participation ·        Individual skills development and training
Improved daily living ·        Individual assessment, therapy and/or training (includes assistive technology)
Improved health and wellbeing ·        Dietitian consultation and diet plan development

·        Dietitian group session