On 25th July 2018, Focus Chief Executive Torrien Lau invited clients, guardians, and other stakeholders to an annual update of Focus ACT’s strategic goals. Goals for the 2017-18 financial year were:

  • Introduce Flow Logic, an electronic system allowing staff to access resources, rosters, and communication notes from a tablet in client homes or using their smartphones
  • 20% growth in Focus support services and break-even for Your Home Canberra
  • Establish Staff Council and increase sleepover allowance
  • Establish dietetics services
  • Develop a Supported Disability Accommodation (SDA) business plan to custom-build accessible housing for people living with disability

Overall, Focus is confident that we have achieved our goals to the best of our ability. The introduction of Flow Logic across the organization was smoother than anticipated, and we continue to improve the system to better serve our staff, clients and guardians. Focus dietetics, too, continues to make improvements as we provide services to an increasing number of NDIS participants in the Canberra region. While Your Home Canberra did not break-even, largely due to legislation changes within the NDIS, Focus support services exceeded its goal of 20% increase. The Staff Council was also successful, allowing management to address staff concerns, including by providing an increase in the payrate for sleepover shifts. The goal of establishing an SDA business plan has been temporarily tabled due to lack of clarity and assurance by the NDIA on how businesses will be reimbursed for the significant financial investment required to build custom properties. Disability providers Australia-wide have also delayed plans for SDA, and we are hopeful that the NDIA will address these concerns thoroughly and in a timely fashion.

Focus is excited to announce our strategic goals for 2018-2019.

  • Establish Your Home Canberra as a separate entity, allowing Focus’ CE to make bold housing decisions without risk to Focus ACT’s financial stability
  • Service growth of 20% across all service offerings
  • Host a Disability Ball, which will be open to all and with a purpose of encouraging the wider Canberra community to become more open and inclusive to members of our community who are living with disability
  • Install climate-control systems into all Focus properties
  • Continual improvement; all levels of staff within Focus will be provided with professional development opportunities to facilitate ongoing improvements to service quality and delivery

Reporting against our strategic goals not only demonstrates transparency, but it sets Focus apart as a successful disability service provider.