Tailored Support Solutions

Focus provides Tailored Support Solutions to people of all ages, ranging from one hour of support per week to 24 hours of support per day. These support services are as unique as our clients and take their needs and goals into account. Tailored support services aim to bring a bespoke approach to support—there are no one size fits all solutions.

A Tailored Support Solution Includes:


Consultation Meetings to determine adequate levels of support


Assigning of a Client Services Manager / Client Liaison Officer


Determination of correct support profiles, support plans and risk assessments

Creation of a “Training Matrix” of required workers


Introducing a team of skilled staff members to deliver the desired supports

Focus builds support solutions around the requirements of people. This may include complex, additional training for our already skilled staff. Focus works with external providers to ensure that the training delivered is of the highest quality and is practical for our staff members.

Focus will work with all relevant stakeholders (such as Allied Health Practitioners, GPs, Family and friends) to create a functional support plan for people and follow that, reviewing regularly.

Focus is an established provider of Specialised Therapeutic Care services.

To enquire with Focus for a Tailored Support Solution, please contact us on the details below

(02) 6282 9422 | Focus@focusact.org